Wonderfully Made started with a simple idea back in 2017: to teach my oldest daughter to sew over the summer break.

My oldest had been asking me to teach her how to sew for quite some time. Since she was finally old enough, I thought that would be a fun project to tackle over the summer. Then I thought it would be fun if a friend or two might want to join us. After a post-bedtime Pinterest search for beginner sewing projects, I had the crazy idea to hold a sewing camp! I started planning projects, gathering materials for my curriculum, and deciding on days/times/duration. It just started snowballing, and before I knew it, we had three camps full of campers!

As I was planning the camps, a Bible verse kept popping up in my head, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Wonderfully Made quickly became the name for the camps, and Psalm 139:14 quickly became our inspiration verse!

When you’re sewing, you have to decide WHAT you’re going to sew. SO much work goes into designing each project. You have to have a pattern, the right kind of  fabric, the right kind of thread, the right needle, the right measurements, patience, and devotion to your project. Sewing, to me, is such a tangible depiction of how much God poured into creating each and every one of us. If we have to pay that much attention, know every detail,  to create a simple sewing project…just imagine how much more God put into creating us!

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made…and my prayer is that each girl walks away from camp knowing how much they are loved by their Creator, how special and unique they are, with a sense of accomplishment for learning something new and completing these projects, and with a new love of sewing that will last a lifetime!